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U.S. Fulfillment Center

Reduce overhead cost as much as 30% compared to operating your own warehouse.

Metropolis® by WINIT

Provides real-time tracking information that ensures the right product reaches the right customer, on time with the correct pricing, with the buyer and seller looped in throughout the processes.

Domestic Shipping

We optimize our shipping volume and pass the discounts to you.

Stringent Receiving

Items are verified against the quantities reported in receiving order. Dimensions and weights are checked electronically.

International Shipping

Offer wide range of international shipping services to meet your needs.

Security Infrastructure

Professional warehousing security equipment, 24 hour digitalized monitor and sensor alarming system to ensure the safety of sellers products.

A Better Customer Experience
Dispatch directly from warehouses in oversea, enabling faster delivery to customers.
Create Healthier Margin
It can help to improve Seller’s pricing strategy and realize localized sales, thereby makes more profits.
Reduces Shipping Cost
Batched shipping of goods to overseas warehouse can effectively reduce shipping costs and increase price competitiveness of goods.
Localized After-Sale & Return Services
Buyers can enjoy after-sale and fast return services directly through WIN.IT Overseas Warehouses, help sellers improving customer satisfaction.
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