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  • JOB TITLE: Logistic Engineer
  • JOB DESCRIPTION: Review contractual commitments and customer specifications; determine logistic support requirements and conduct logistics studies or analysis, such as time studies, zero-base analyses, rate analyses, network analyses, flow-path analyses; analyze logistics data involving forecasting, procurement, inventory, transportation or warehousing; create models or scenarios to predict the impact of changing circumstances, such as fuel costs, road pricing, energy taxes, or other regulations; evaluate effectiveness of current or future logistical processes; prepare daily and weekly reports to other departments regarding the status on cost, schedule, and workload requirements; develop and maintain standard operating procedures to streamline operating processes; determine logistic support sequences and time phasing, and other factors affecting the supply chain of any given contract; evaluate the use of inventory tracking technology and web-based warehousing software to maximize facility efficiency; prepare logistic strategies or conceptual designs for warehouse facilities; collaborate and develop supplier base with local and international shipping suppliers; propose logistics solutions for management.
  • JOB REQUIREMENT:Bachelor’s degree in Global Logistics or Supply Chain Management.