Services: What We Do?
Global Fulfillment Centers
Warehouse Management

United States

Location: Industry California
Warehouse Size: 158000 sq. ft.
Daily Capacity: 10000 Orders
Location: Walton Kentucky
Warehouse Size: 200000 sq. ft.
Daily Capacity: 40000 Orders


United Kingdom

Location: Sydney
Warehouse Size: 118000 sq. ft.
Daily Capacity: 11000 Orders
Location: Birmingham
Warehouse Size: 70000 sq. ft.
Daily Capacity: 15000 Orders



Location: Bremen
Warehouse Size: 38000 sq. ft.
Daily Capacity: 7300 Orders
Location: Shanghai
Warehouse Size: 38000 sq. ft.
Daily Capacity: 7300 Orders
WIN.IT Oversea Warehouse Services

A Better Customer Experience

Dispatch directly from warehouses in oversea, enabling faster delivery to customers.

Reduces Shipping Cost

Batched shipping of goods to overseas warehouse can effectively reduce shipping costs and increase price competitiveness of goods.

Create Healthier Margin

It can help to improve Seller’s pricing strategy and realize localized sales, thereby makes more profits.

Localized After-Sale & Return Services

Buyers can enjoy after-sale and fast return services directly through WIN.IT Overseas Warehouses, help sellers improving customer satisfaction.

Coming Soon 2015 – US to Australia Services

WIN.IT America, Inc. Global Trading Management System

Metropolis is WINIT’s proprietary trade management system specially built for international e-commerce. Metropolis simplifies the complicated operations faced by companies engaging in cross-border logistics by coordinating the multiple parties involved–suppliers, service providers, government phim hentai agencies – with a single management platform. Designed by experts in IT and logistics management, Metropolis provides real-time tracking information that ensures the right product reaches the right customer, on time with the correct pricing, with the buyer and seller looped in throughout the processes.

Deliverable Transparency

  • Track every step of fulfillment and rest assured that orders are completed within a specified timetable.
  • Take control of the logistics process with more than 100 nodes for real-time tracking by unit, packaging, bill of receipt, bill of delivery, and more.
  • Assess expenses pre-purchase with data provided by vendors, and confirm fulfilment once the order is complete to allocate the right amount of time and capital for every order.

Sales & Inventory Optimization

  • Visualize sales trends and inventory levels with proprietary data tools.
  • Cultivate business intelligence to analyze demand and replenish inventory in accordance with real-time data.
  • Optimize product diversification and procurement costs to streamline logistics operations and foster efficiency.