Frequently Asked Questions

Account Registration & Product Creation

Q: Is it mandatory to sign the contract first in order to create an account? Can I get the account set up to get familiar with the portal/system?

A: The “Sign Up” process is to have both parties to sign the contract before the account is created. A test account can be created to get familiarized with the process.

Q: When adding an item on the template, is it important to provide accurate information?

A: It is mandatory to provide accurate information, because WINIT will be based on the information to inspect the goods. If there is any discrepancy, WINIT will contact you immediately.

Q: Why does product registration need approval?

A: Basically, it is necessary because the need to verify product’s authentication and export requirement that WINIT will undertake all responsibilities. Also reduce the risk of custom clearance.

Q: What is the procedure to register item(s)?

A: Use WINIT product registration template to add item(s). This can be found under the Product menu. Once the file is uploaded and submitted, approval process will take 24 working hours.

Oversea Warehouse Receiving Management

Q: Where can I find shipment receiving order’s carton(s) and item(s) details?

A: This information can be review under “Order Status” when choose specific order number.

Q: When Creating a Shipment, do I need to fill in the delivery information each time? Is there a default address that I can choose from?

A: No need to fill in the delivery address each time because the delivery information is recorded, as long as the delivery address remains the same. Should the delivery address is changed it can also be added.

International Logistics

Q: What are the delivery channels?

A: For international, air and ocean freights are the shipping methods.

Q: How long does it take to complete oversea warehouse receiving?

A: For standard air shipments, upon goods arrive at the warehouse, receiving can be completed in one working day. Standard ocean freight, upon goods arrive at the warehouse, receiving can be completed in two working days. System will automatically update the product status and quantity freesex after completion.

Q: What happens when goods are being held by Customs?

A: If the cause is due to mismatched documents, WINIT will contact customs immediately to resolve the situation. However, if the cause is due to counterfeit goods, imitation goods or hazardous commodity, seller is accountable/responsible for everything. WINIT reserves the right to press charges.

Q: Am I allowed to ship the goods directly to oversea warehouse for receiving service?

A: Yes. Seller can ship the goods directly to oversea warehouse for receiving and inspection. Feel free to contact our sales representatives for details. i thought about this.